Dissertation Tips: Sources for your literature review

Although most of you will have remote access to your University library when working from home and the various premium data-bases they pay for, there are other places to look too. When searching for quality academic sources on Google I have found a way to cut through quite a lot of the blogs and magazine articles that won’t really impress your examiners. Simply type in the search data and add PDF on the end and it will generally deliver results which come from academic peer reviewed journals. This improves the quality of the search results and saves you a lot of time.

Furthermore, DOAJ or the Directory of Open Access Journals is something which I have found really helpful. As the title suggests, it’s something which is free and you can simply read the abstracts to get a feel for the work and hit the ‘get this in PDF’ and the whole article will pop-up for you. OK, the downside, some are not as free as you think and may not be written in English. However, you may not have to pay because if you are a registered HE student your Uni will be able to facilitate access to the article or get you a hard copy on loan. Happy Hunting doctorthesis.co.uk   


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